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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
The H art acts as a platform between artist, curators, critics and collectors.
Coppola in a Dodge
Fashion / Eva Ferrán
Tova'le in Havana
Mission Polanco
Coppola in a Dodge
La Maison. Resurrection?

Coppola in a Dodge
TXT: R.Sans, E.OROZA PHOTO: rÓmulo sans
make up: pavel marrero stylist: eva ferrÁn Model: Yunet montero

For just a short while the startling roar of the blue ’57 Dodge is heard as Laynet and Yunet flee. The car devours the road toward Pinar del Río, in western Cuba.
They tossed the fashion magazine they had been reading aloud and laughing at mockingly onto the back seat. In it, the author has tried to make the readers believe that two models, who happened to be very alike and possibly from the same agency, have met in a nauseating alley in a Malaysian ghetto - one of those where business is done with black magic.
According to the magazine, this couple has met by chance and by chance has fallen in love. They happen to be wearing 800-dollar Prada shoes and 4,000-dollar Cavalli clothing. A fashion photographer just happened to be passing by and caught them on camera for the aforesaid magazine. This is told in all seriousness, assuming that the readers will not detect the ploy.
The aroma of the Pinar del Rio landscape can already be sensed, as it takes on that dark green dampness that characterizes it.
Laynet and Yunet take turns at the wheel. They wonder when their uncle will notice that the car is missing. They have taken it without permission, but they feel that their need to get away justifies what they have done. Without questioning, they veer off of the highway and take a small road to the right, which becomes more and more closed in, solitary and quiet. They feel like Cuba’s Thelma and Louise...

+ information pág. 42-45 The H Book 2008 09

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