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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
The H art acts as a platform between artist, curators, critics and collectors.
Mission Polanco
Fashion / Eva Ferrán
Tova'le in Havana
Mission Polanco
Coppola en a Dodge
La Maison. Resurrection?

Mission Polanco
TXT / PHOTO: Rómulo Sans make up: pavel marrero
design: Javier Polanco, Lauren cÁrdenas Models: Carlos, Laura

Planet Ledom, situated three light days from Saturn and many more from Cuba, is only inhabited by models and beauty queens. Desperation is reigning over them now. They fear losing their great galactic history of elegance. Their latest trends and clothing, which formerly earned them the title as the most glamorous in the galaxy of Noihsaf (the last galaxy in the Chic System), no longer appeal to anyone. Their kingdom is in danger.
The only possible solution for Ledom is to infiltrate other planetary systems in search of new talent to redesign their army of models. After years of searching, they have located Polanco: a ‘santiaguero’ trained in Havana. This discovery has been creating cosmic wear with recycled materials for several theater companies and exhibitions. The Sultans of Ledom, an interplanetary elite group of their (now not so glamorous) army, are determined to come to the solar system to carry out this delicate, but vital mission, with two of their best men: Commander Olimac and Prince Solrac himself. They know it will not be easy to find and convince the Cuban Polanco, who can’t be fooled by just any cosmic fantasy. And so they decide to carry their secret weapon: the terrible Arual, Miss Ledom 3012 (by their calendar), who possesses terrible powers of seduction. Olimac, Prince Solrac and the Terrible Arual make their way deep into Havana with the only hope of finding the one who can save their planet from total humiliation and bad taste. To find Polanco. That is their mission...

+ information pág. 38-41 The H Book 2008 09

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