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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
The H art acts as a platform between artist, curators, critics and collectors.
La edad de la peseta

‘H2O’, a film by free hole negro
TXT: yoss illustration: nelson ponce

A terrible drought is affecting Havana and the southern hemisphere. Luis, a young former student of Hydraulic Engineering is designing a machine for supplying water to the affected cities. A pipe dream? Maybe… until the discovery of an object capable of fulfilling any wish becomes a concrete possibility.
But others want the magic object for their own purposes…and stalkers and persecutions make life difficult for Luis, in a struggle against the ambitions of some of the most extravagant, psychedelic beings in this alternative Havana 2 – surreal, hungry for miracles and for change.
Musical, detective, thrillers, action, drama and even cartoons merge together organically in this film, halfway between reality and fantasy. The creators hope to debut in the next Havana Film Festival.
Leonardo Benítez, actor and ISA graduate, plays the part of Luis, with performances by Luis Alberto García, Jorge Alí, Paula Alí, Maridelmis, Liván, Yuro Leiva and many others…such as all the members of Free-Hole Negro.
Production was shared, with a cooperative nature, between the many artists and Cuban technicians that contributed with their work: Espera Espera, a group of international artists who collaborate with independent filmmaking… and TCI Rapem Inc. who produce the rappers Free Hole Negro.
This is the first feature film by Leo, one the lead singers in the sui generis Cuban band. Leonardo Pérez studied plastic arts and has drawn cartoons for Cuban films. On a parallel to his music career, he had already made several animated short films, music videos and an interesting, award-winning fantastic fictional short: La Misión (The Mission)...

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