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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
The H art acts as a platform between artist, curators, critics and collectors.
La edad de la peseta
La edad de la peseta

La edad de la peseta
TXT: claudia delacroix PHOTO: courtesy pavel giroud

The design of a fine film entails a great deal of challenges, but Pavel Giroud had somewhat of an advantage. Before becoming one of the most promising directors of Cuban film, he studied Design. This is probably the reason why the formal outcome of his proposals is, beyond any other intentions, ‘well-rounded’. After making video clips and fiction shorts, and after directing the short film Flash, included in the fiction feature film Tres veces dos, which won the Silver Zenith in the Opera Prima category at the 28th World Film Festival of Montreal (Canada), Pavel was back in 2006 heading a group of talented young artists who followed him in the passionate adventure of telling a story of bygone Cuba with fresh, universal language. That is one of the aspects of La edad de la peseta (The Silly Age), a film that narrates the story of Samuel, a young boy, who is uprooted at the awkward adolescent age thanks to his erratic mother’s most recent romantic failure, and is taken to the house of his mysterious and cantankerous grandmother, whereon establishing an empathetic relationship with the indocile woman, he is once again torn away from his environs under duress to follow his mother’s personal agenda.

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