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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
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The martians have arrived
In black and white
Tommy, a different neighbour
The martians have arrived

The martians have arrived
TXT: pedro juan gutiÉrrez photo: ALEJANDRO AZCUY illustration: nelson ponce

In the 1950’s, the word ‘extraterrestrial’ had not been invented as yet. At that time, they were known as ‘Martians’. And the famous orchestra Aragón even had a popular song: “Los marcianos llegaron ya. Y llegaron bailando cha cha cha.”

Back then, it seemed like a joke. Somewhat impossible and funny. We were too naïve. Years have gone by, and there is increasingly greater evidence: UFOs and aliens visit certain spots in Cuba every so often. I can’t speak of personal experiences, because I have no proof. If one day I ever get photographs or solid proof, then I’ll raise the topic again. All I can tell you is that at my house, facing the Havana Malecón, I have seen some things I would rather forget.

In the summer of 1995, several UFO sightings were recorded in southern and central Cuba. From Pinar del Río to Sancti Spíritus, approximately. The press usually ignores these reports and when the television has touched on the subject, it has been in a mocking tone, detracting credibility.
In the summer of ’95, more than a hundred people in the town of Surgidero de Batabanó –on the coast, some 60 kilometres south of the city of Havana– saw a large shiny saucer flying at a low altitude over the town. A journalist friend of mine went to investigate the matter and asked several witnesses, separately, to draw what they had seen. All of the drawings coincided. Very close to that town, in Guara, another UFO appeared around the same time, similar to a bus, and again at a low altitude. According to some witnesses, projectiles that were fired from an army unit bounced off, as if it had a transparent shield.
After 1995, other UFO’s have been sighted at several points on the island, but never as extensive a wave as that summer. A Cuban society of ufology holds several files of valuable unreleased information.

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