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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
The H art acts as a platform between artist, curators, critics and collectors.
Marianao Tower
Absent architecture
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Absent architecture

Havana strives to carry on its role as a world city and in renewing itself and marching to the step of time. Contradicting the stereotype that the city’s urban future can only be colonial and that any restoration or enlargement can only be in this style, a group of young Cuban architects are taking instead the reality of the capital as the starting point for generating other new realities. Their designs are as yet unrealised and are perhaps unrealisable, but they inject a breath of fresh air into the metropolitan routine of Cuban architecture.
These creators’ talent and strength lies in their daring desire to dress Havana in new clothes… but without creating architectural icons. They leave that to commercial architecture for whom it is important. These young designers work in a different way, by meeting both limitations and obstacles such as existing elements that give such a surprising diversity to the Havana landscape in a creative way. In their way of responding both to contemporary needs and to the random urban topography - that might be ruins and scaffolding - these projects display a fresh sense of engagement in the face of Havana culture, society and atmosphere.
Theirs are images of the future, visions of a potential Havana. Absent… but possible… architecture...

This highly technological tower proposed for the area of Marianao by Maikel Menéndez and Pepe Lazcano recalls a spaceship or a modern Eiffel. A visual landmark that well interprets the monumental nature of this sector of Havana and which would clearly overtake nearby contenders such as the nearby Obelisk, the Focsa or the José Martí monument.

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