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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
The H art acts as a platform between artist, curators, critics and collectors.
Corner > Esquina: Monte y Prado, antigua CMQ
Nicolás Dorr
José Antonio Rodríguez
  Living here or passing through… Cuban Icons pick their favourite corners and tell us why. Streets, theatres, parks and bars… it’s surprising what people came up with: first job, first kiss, best beer, nice shapes… My Havana? Your Havana? There’s more to the city than the guide books tell you.  

Rosita Fornés (Vedette, singer and actress of both stage and screen)
photo: Alejandro Azcuy, rolando puyol

That’s where the old CMQ was where they recorded the famous programme The Supreme Court of Art in which I first appeared and where I won first prize singing a Spanish song because I’d lived in Spain as a child. Apparently they liked it because you didn’t hear many Spanish songs here then. It was a lovely surprise for me, too and I think it was there and then that I decided that I was going to be an artist. I still get emotional remembering that moment every time I pass the corner.vibrant, boisterous and always full of surprises and mysteries.

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