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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
The H art acts as a platform between artist, curators, critics and collectors.
Yanuaria Ruben Cortada
Armando Guerra Haydée Milanés
Lauren Fajardo Cardenas Pavel Giroud
Harold López-Nussa Nelson Ponce


She started at 13 years old and, still only 19, has already worked in Europe. But this shy model’s model adores her own country: since 2001, her feline walk and profile of a Nubian princess have won her the last three Model of the Year awards at Cubamoda. It’s already being said that a second place is now as good as a win.
In 2006 she took a sabbatical; a bad straightener had left her with no hair. Her admirers don’t care: she would look good in a sheet. As a diva and a Cuban, she is always late. She does not work exclusively for any one agency but works when and with whom she wants and her only shows are at La Macumba with her favourite designers, Roly y Miguelito. She is always followed by a little retinue of friends and admirers. She adores the underground and she is as important a figure on the Havana night scene as she is in the world of fashion. According to the experts, she and her boyfriend Carlos, La Maison’s young hopeful, are the most fashionable couple of the year. So this is Yanu, our very own Campbell...

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