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For the past five years The H Magazine brought you the best of Havana, Now The H Travel will help you get there.
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Hotel Meliá Cohíba
  Considered by the Spanish chain Sol-Meliá its signature piece in Cuba. Built in a privileged and central zone next to the ocean, allrooms have a panoramic view of the city. Good restaurants and bars,habanos smoking room, wide lobby and the best service in Havana. more detail...
Hotel Meliá Habana
  Its design makes it a beach hotel in the heart of Havana. It has
comfortable rooms with terrace overlooking the sea, an agreeable
swimming-pool and, like all hotels in the Meliá chain, it offers
a guaranteed level of service to the traveler that is its true seal of
approval. Customers know this and are confident. more detail...
Hotel Nacional de Cuba
  Ithas kept the `Grand Hotel` style and is favoured by many travelers
over more modern hotels. Attractive rooms, regal elevators, good restaurants and a garden so exquisite and peaceful that no competitorcould ever better it. The famous personalities gallery is growing day byday with a promising XXI century coming up. more detail...
Hotel Parque Central
  The closeness of old Havana with its continuing and successful restoration makes this a favoured hotel despite the number of people who opposed its design that copies classical style with modern materials. The hotel has all the comforts and has quickly been accepted as one
of the best. more detail...
Hotel Habana Libre
  On top of the central Havana area known as La Rampa, this hotel has been an emblematic reference for 40 years. The extraordinary design gives a breathtaking view from the fourth to the 25th floor. Recently renovated, the rooms are very spacious and the restaurants and bars have a good following. more detail...
Hotel Saratoga
  IIn the 1930s, the Saratoga hotel was a centre of social and cultural
life; the 2005 version has retained part of the original façade and is Havana’s most modern hotel. The 96 rooms offer great view of the Capitolio, Parque de la Fraternidad and Paseo del Prado. more detail...
Hotel Riviera
  Another of Cuba’s iconic hotels whose very wide lobby is the best
in the country in the opinion of many. The history and legend
surrounding this hotel enrich its perfect 1950s styling in a way that
no modern hotel can emulate. Belongs among the most
distinguished hotels in the city. more detail...
Hotel Occidental Miramar
  An efficient and modern building, perhaps it’s a little cold, but many
feel it’s the best four star hotel in Havana. With 427 rooms, it has
16 suites and five for the physically challenged. It has an enormous swimming pool, tennis courts and recreation area, with decent gym facilities. more detail...
Hotel Raquel
  This monumental and spacious establishment occupies an early
twentieth century building. 25 rooms, all of them bearing names inspired by Jewish culture. Behind a splendid Art Nouveau façade the space opens up to beautiful sculptures, paintings and columns as well as to a unique and immense stained glass skylight. more detail...
Hotel Santa Isabel
  The beautiful building has a lobby furbished with antiquities and excellent furniture and a relaxing patio. The rooms are attractive and well-fitted. The Santa Isabel looks onto the Plaza de Armas, considered by many to be the most beautiful square in the city. more detail...
Hotel Sevilla
  A traditional hotel, refurbished in the 1990s, with a rich history of its
own, situated a few meters away from El Paseo del Prado. The rooms are so simple and practical that they seem rather poor and plain, but the lobby, patio-bar and Roof Garden are extraordinary. more detail...
Hostal Los Frailes
  IIt was finished in 2001 and has 63 rooms. This hotel already counts with good clients. Furniture and decoration are fashionable, contrasting with the stone walls and an old type of construction. All this constitutes a mixture of grace and elegance within a privileged location.. more detail...
Hotel Sevilla
  It was a 17th century old building; now it is a small and inviting 12-room inn; ceiling fans hang from the wooden ceiling. We recommend Alzira and Castellón suites. They serve one of the best Spanish paella dishes in the city; it is the specialty. Next to the patio, there is a bar specialized in delicious sandwiches. Familiar service and reasonable prices. more detail...
Hostal Los Frailes
  Its 22 rooms with exclusive ambiance: a lobby-bar that is decorated with pieces of art, stained-glass windows, statues of monks made out of copper, altarpieces and a quiet inner courtyard. This special hotel,
thanks to its mystery and intimacy takes us in an imaginary trip to a
medieval abbey. more detail...
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