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The H arte is a non-comercial website promoting Cuban Contemporary Art.
The H art acts as a platform between artist, curators, critics and collectors.
Book Fair 2007
  Book Fair 2007
Winter fever
Casa de las Américas
The sales of this book were so limited that the launching of the remaining copies was almost a re-edition. Ten years after winning the Casa prize for stories for Alguien tiene que llorar (Someone has to cry), poet, narrator and journalist Marylín Bobes did it again in 2005 for novels. A middle-aged woman is unable to find stability… something that she cares less and less about.
  Lucky are those who cry
Letras Cubanas
The entire piece by Ángel Santiesteban is excellent and controversial: 1998 UNEAC (Union of Cuban Artists and Writers) prize for Sueño de un día de verano (Sur: latitud 13), stories about the war in Angola; the 2001 Alejo Carpentier prize for Los hijos que nadie quiso (The children that no one wanted) and his 2006 Casa de las Américas prize-winner for a story which deals with the difficult micro-cosmos of Cuban prisons.
The much awaited re-edition of the second issue of Septeto Habanero, by Reinaldo Montero, one of the leading narrators and playwrights in Cuban literature, author of the earlier Fabriles and then Misiones. Short story or fix-up Casa de las Américas prize-winner for story of the year 1986, now with an attractive cover photo, Donjuanes dissects tropical machismo in stories and interlinked characters.
(de El diablo ilustrado, Casa Editora Abril). The launching of this volume and the re-edition of its predecessor gathered remarkable crowds. The mysterious poet and troubadour is back with drawings by Fariñas. Now his identity has been partially revealed, and his relationship with the magazine El Caiman Barbudo tells of his love affairs, fidelities and infidelities, engaging in heated debates, with the enthusiasm of a teenager, about José Martí and controversial political issues such as the war in Iraq and the Five Heroes.
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